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The projects we do are for companies who believe in brand elevation through digital aesthetics, look for user-centric solutions without compromising their business goals, and much more.

Portfolio: Biotech company website

Website Design for a Biotech company

Web Design

The challenge

Thabor Therapeutics is a biotech company leading the way in solving a complex medical issue: mucosal inflammatory disease.

The challenge of this project was making their complex mission understandable to everyone, from the casually curious to potential business partners.

The solution

We have used white spaces as strategic pauses throughout complex and dense pieces of information. White backdrop and subtle healthcare-inspired blues acknowledge the medical focus while fostering a welcoming atmosphere.
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Portfolio: Web Design and WordPress website for Capi Media, Social and Google Ads agency in Rennes, France

Website Redesign for a Digital Advertising Agency

Web Design

The challenge

Capimedia is a digital advertising agency in Rennes, France.

While attempting to create the agency's website independently, Capimedia's founder faced challenges translating his vision into a cohesive design and structure. This affected Capimedia's image as a youthful, dynamic, and professional partner.

The goal was to present Capimedia's services in an engaging way, turning the website into a 24/7 virtual storefront.

The solution

To handle the vast amount of information planned for the website, we needed to critically focus on optimizing the site architecture. Our approach involved thoroughly analyzing the requirements of end users and Capimedia's objectives. This ensured that the website effectively serves both parties.

The result is a clean and minimalist design that skillfully strikes a harmonious balance between user satisfaction and agency goals.

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Portfolio: Web Design and WordPress website for OMH Digital, Social Marketing consultant

Website Redesign for a Digital Marketing Consultant

Web Design

The challenge

OMH Digital offers consultancy services in digital marketing tailored for small and medium businesses in the Lisbon area, Portugal.

The owner approached us because her self-made website from a couple of years ago has become outdated and no longer accurately represents her services and values.

Our objective was to assist OMH Digital in reorganizing the website content, incorporating new services, and completely redesigning it from scratch.

The solution

Based on OMH Digital's logo, we created a harmonious color palette and defined typography that translates the owner's professionalism, transparency, and approachability.

The newly developed website, now fully responsive and optimized for speed, stands as a valuable asset in OMH Digital's communication efforts throughout Portugal.

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Designing success:
Voices from our valued clients

If you want to create your website, I recommend going through DigitalSeeds!

“I had the opportunity to work with Anne-Sophie on the complete redesign of my website. Professional, knowledgeable, and full of ideas, I am more than delighted with her work.”
OMH Digital testimonial

Mylène Haas

Social Media Strategist

Thanks again for your superb work!

“We now have a very beautiful website to showcase our services: functional, fast, SEO-friendly, and ultra-secure, I love it! 😎🚀”
Happy client: Capi Media

Thomas Belloeil

Capi Media Founder

I cannot recommend DigitalSeeds enough

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Anne-Sophie! She understood very quickly what I wanted for my website and did a great job with the design and implementation of our vision. I cannot recommend her enough 🙂
Happy client: Mudanças Constantes

Inês Amaral


Great collaboration with Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie has been very available and efficient for our Figma mockup redesign project, which allowed us to release it on time.
Happy client: Les Nouvelles Formations

Lisa G.

Les Nouvelles Formations

A sneak peek into our process


1. Kickoff call

We learn all about your project during our kickoff call. Share your objectives, talk about your challenges, and let's set the tone for our creative collaboration.


2. Research

It's time to think. We dig deep, research your users, and sketch out the plan for your site or app. It's like building a strong foundation, ensuring our design fits perfectly with your goals and users’ needs.


3. Design

Now, the exciting part – the design journey. We start by sketching out rough wireframes, giving form to our ideas. These turn into polished previews, showing you a clear picture of the final design. We can also prototype, letting you test-drive the design experience.


4. Wrapping Up

As we finish our design mission, it's not a goodbye but a transition. We give you a design toolkit with everything you need to handle design on your own. From design stuff to detailed guides, think of it as your personal guide for the next part of your journey.

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